Privacy policy highly aware about the privacy of visitors.Therefore we have our own terms & conditions as well as limitations that we have imposed upon our visitors.Those all limitations and conditions are only for protecting our user’s privacy indeed.

One our main purposes is to protecting children who are under 18yrs of age from abusing and misusing through online activities.So specially we have built some important conditions on children who are willing to use our website for gain a great knowledge on Cotomovies.

Where we would like to highly mention that is an educational website. Therefore we are not directly affiliated with Cotomovies or its contents at all.

Moreover we are using useful download links and images that we are not directly affiliated with.So those all contents of this website only for user’s use only.We are not promoting or selling any product through this website and this website’s all information available 100% free for our users.Please don’t provide your credit card details or personal information to download and install Cotomovies using if someone willing to use this website’s links & other downloading directions,those users must take their own risk about the upcoming any threat.

Information That We Collect

As an educational website we are highly willing to share our knowledge with users who are preferred to get our educational information through our website.So to provide our feedbacks on those questions or requests we have to collect following user information with user’s fully consent.

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Purpose

Data Retention Period

All data that we collect from our users we are not keeping for a longtime.After we send our feedbacks to users,we completely remove all collected data from our database indeed.Till we provide you our feedbacks we request to please be patient.

Information Protection & Privacy Protection

We highly affiliate to protect our users privacy and collected data.Therefore we not let your information being display on public indeed.Moreover to protect users privacy we not collect following information from our visitors.

  • Passwords
  • User Name
  • Personal Details
  • Personal contact numbers
  • Billing address

How we use Collected Information

We use your collected information to send our feedback to your request.We send you all you needed information through an email to protect your privacy only.

Cookies Data

We are not using any Cookies.

Children’s Privacy Protection

We are not permitted to children who are under 18yrs to use this website or its contents.Eventhough this website is an educational some contents might be abusing children’s minds.Some of such type of contents ethically not acceptable for children.So we highly advice not to use this website or contents alone without permission of an adult.