The Best CotoMovies Alternative-MediaBox HD For NVIDIA.

You can use MediaBox HD as your CotoMovies alternative indeed.

This is the best solution to get back all your Movies,TV Shows,Cartoons and more other entertainment videos that you lost with CotoMovies.

So please join with us get more about this further.

How to install MediaBox for NVIDIA Shield.

MediaBox is a third-party streaming application that gives you lots of Movies and TV shows you to download or online watch. It supports many platforms and devices. It has a wide range of categories like Romance, drama, fiction, horror, comedy, animations, cartoons and many more varieties. Also, you can watch TV shows, musical programs which makes it a perfect choice for kids and elders. You can download it to the NVIDIA shield too. Its user-friendly design and simple installation process make you feel comfortable to have it.  Here are some features of the MediaBox NVIDIA shield.

I. It is an ad-free version so you can get a great experience when watching movies and tv shows without any interruptions. 

II. It consists of a wide range of content with different categories.

III. It supports multiple user connections so you can access multiple devices using one account.

IV. It is a regularly updated app. So you can get insisted notifications when they add a movie or video to the app.

V. You can download all the videos with multilanguage subtitles. So you don’t want to go here and there for asking subtitles.

VI. It has a user-friendly and unique interface. So you can find your willing movie or TV show without wasting your time at all.

Here are the steps you should follow to download and install app MediaBox app to your device.

step 1-  Before you go to download the MediaBox app to your NVIDIA shield you should enable your apps from Unknown sources in the setting of your NVIDIA shield.

step 2- Now go for installation of the downloaded app from the Amazon store.

step 3- Sideload the APK MediaBox on your NVIDIA shield device with the help of the  downloaded app.

Then you should have to enable the NVIDIA shield settings. Here are the steps you should  follow to do that.

step 1- First you should open the NVIDIA Shield app and then find the Menu bar. It is presented at the top of the Home Screen.

step 2- Then select the Setting option and go for My Fire TV and open it.

step 3- Then access the developer option.

step 4- To install any third-party app you should select the Apps from the Unknown Source. It      is a must.

step 5- After the selection of Unknown Source it switches installation from the Unknown Sources. Then you can see a popup message Turn on. Then select the option Turn on  and allow the installation.

After this process has been done you can go to the next process to look for the downloader app.

step 1- Navigate to the Search option on the Heme screen of the NVIDIA shield.

step 2- Then type the word Downloader on the search bar with the help of a virtual keyboard.

step 3- Then select the options and go for the installation. When the process has been    completed you can see The Downloader app on the Home Screen.

step 4- Now you can click on the Browse it in the left-hand corner of your Home Screen. Then go for the clear button and type the URL you need to search and hit go.

step 5- When the web page is successfully downloaded you can view the option for Android   in the download section.

step 6- Then click the MediaBox download link and allow the download process to begin  smoothly.

When the download process incomplete you can directly install it to your NVIDIA Shield. Then open it and start to watch your favourite Movies and TV shows without any restrictions or cost. 

The Best CotoMovies Alternative Apps

  • ZiniTevi
  • MediaBox HD
  • MovieBox PRO

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Panda Helper for Android

Android users we know that sometimes you can’t download your favorite apps and games from the official app store. So you will have to find a solution for that. The solution is to download the Panda Helper Android version to your device. Panda Helper is a third-party app store that works great with Android smartphones and tabs. It is the best among the other app stores. Also, you can’t download this app from the Google Play Store. So you will have to download it separately as an APK file. It consists of a wide range of apps, tweaks and games. Here are some requirements you need to download the Panda Helper app to your device.

* Any Android smartphone or tab.

* Latest APK of panda Helper Android version.

* Good working internet connection.

* Your Phone should have more than 50% of the charge.

* Your device should have enough space to download this app store.

Here are the steps you should follow when you going o download Panda Helper APK to your device.

step 1- First you can go to the Panda Helper home page and download the latest version of Panda Helper APK to your device.

step 2- Then you can see a security message prompt up. So you can tap on ok on the security  prompt.

step 3- Once the download is completed you can open the APK file and tap on the setting.Then select allow from this source to begin the installation.

step 4- Wait until the installation process is finished. When it finishes tap on done.

step 5- Then you can see a Panda Helper app icon on your Home screen. Now you can  download your favorite apps and games t your device without cost or restrictions.

You may find some difficulties when you going to open the Panda Helper app for the first time. It may not work properly when you open it. So you can overcome this problem by following the below steps.

step 1- First you can open the setting app on your device and then go to the security.

step 2- Then Enable the unknown sources.

step 3- Now close the setting app and try to Panda Helper APK install again.

                This will fix your problem too.

What will happen when the Panda Helper doesn’t work again and again?

step 1- Open the setting app and go to the app Manager.

step 2- Then tap on all apps from the menu.

step 3- Now you can reset app references and select rest now.

step 4- Now close the setting app and open the Panda Helper app and this should work fine.

* Sometimes you may cause problems with new app installations. You can fix this problem by following these steps.

step 1- Navigate to your devices setting app. 

step 2- Then tap on the all apps button to see the list of both user and system app installed.

step 3- Then you can search for Package Manager and tap on it.

step 4- Now tap on clear cache and clear data.

step 5- Now try again to install the APK again.

Now your installed apps work great as other apps.

Can CotoMovies Download On iOS 15 Using 3uTools ?

Hello their!

We are back to your station with a good and new news.

Yes indeed.

3uTools shows a result on CotoMovies.

So you can try this right now.

Please launch the tool on your computer.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC.

Then search for CotoMovies on 3uTools.

Now hit the Install.

What is 3uTools ?

3uTools is the best iOS helper tool.

All iPhone/iPad users can use this tool on their Windows or MacOS.

You can manage your device all settings and features using this helper tool.

You don’t want to change your device default settings to use this tool.

  • Wallpapers
  • Ringing tones
  • Jailbreak
  • ToolBox
  • iOS upgrades

3uTools Download

Step 01:Please use the download button to download the installation package.

Step 02:You will see the downloading progress.

Step 03:When the downloading finished,click Install.

Step 04:Once you finished the installation,pleaase hit the Launch.

Step 05:Now you are free to use 3uTools on your computer.

Is 3uTools Safe ?

Yes indeed.

This tool does not a illegals’ one.

You can use to manage your device.

3uTools Tools

  • Backup & Restore
  • Virtual location
  • Realtime screen
  • 3uAirPlayer
  • Erase All Data
  • Batch Activation
  • Clean Garbage
  • Delete invalid icons
  • iOS jailbreak tools

More other helper tools available with this amazing tool.

You can search on this tool that you needed one and use it for free.

iOS jailbreaking with 3uTools

iOS jailbreaking is the most important part that you can done with 3uTools.

You can very easily jailbreak your device within few steps.

Launch 3uTools on your computer.

Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer.

Now click Jailbreak.

Your device firmware compatible jailbreak tool will show up.

Click on it.

Now hit the jailbreak button.

Then be patient till the jailbreak tool finished it’s downloading.

After your downloading finished,please disconnect your device from your pc.

Turn on AirPlay Mode.

Open the jailbreak tool.

Now tap Jailbreak.

CotoMovies Download on iOS 15 Using 3uTools

Launch 3uTools on your computer.

Connect your device to the PC.

Now search on CotoMovies on 3uTools.

Now hit the Install.

After you installed this Movie streaming app,you can watch unlimited Movies and TV shows on your Mobile Phone.

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Cotomovies Latest Update APK V 3.0.3 & IPA V 3.3.6.

CotoMovies is the best updated Movie streaming mobile application that you can use to watch your favorite movies,TV Shows,Cartoons with subtitles.

This is the best way in 2021 to get an amazing experience with full HD Movies.

Please use this and share your experience with other movie lovers.

Small size application very easy to download on your mobile indeed.

No software restrictions imposing by your platforms against this movie streaming application.

One of most user friendly movie streaming applications.

Best features available with this application and 100% free to use.

All videos you can download directly and watch with or without download.

Full HD quality videos provide by CotoMovies.

So this gonna be a worth article which provides the latest update on CotoMovies iOS and Android versions.

CotoMovies App Features

  • Full HD quality videos
  • Direct downloading facilities of videos
  • regularly updating
  • Automatic loading subtitles
  • Fast loading and downloading speed
  • Ultra saving Data
  • Minimum ads
App NameCotoMovies APK
VersionV 3.0.3
Total Downloads10000+
UpdatesRegular Basis
App NameCotoMovies IPA
VersionV 3.3.6
Total Downloads10000+

CotoMovies Download On Android In 2021

This isn’t a hard way to done.

Please follow the instructions.

Please download the latest APK file on your device.

Use the download button to download your CotoMovies APK.

Then tap Open when the downloading finished.

Please make sure that your device has a enough space for this buddy.

Now you should direct to your device Settings & enable Unknown Sources.

After you enable Unknown Sources you can hit the OK & Install.

Be patient till the installation completed.

Installation Blocked By Your Device ?

Please delete some unwanted apps from your device storage.

Restart your device.

Then follow the same way again.

CotoMovies iOS Download Using KFPanda.

Please download KFPanda on your iPhone/iPad.

Then add

Launch the link on KFPanda.

Now you can continue the downloading process very easily.


Currently CotoMovies iOS version little bit hard to done.But surely you will be.APK version perfectly working and very convenience to done.Please follow the instructions to download the latest version on your Android smart phone.Please hit a comment on us with your experiences on CotoMovies.

TutuApp Vs Cydia

TutuApp Download is the best solution for many problems indeed.

As a third party app store , TutuApp shows very user friendly manner and very simple interface.

Thus this is the most trusted and succeeded way to use your freedom on your mobile phone.

This modified third party app store gives tons of free apps & games even those apps/games available for a cost in your device default app store.

All you needed apps and games will be provided with this app store for free.So you can enjoy paid apps for free too.

That is the amazing part of this litle buddy.You can use this app store on your iPhone/iPad,Android smart phone instead of your device default app store.

If you are struggling with your device’s app store, stop it right now and direct to TutuApp and do anything you wished.

TutuApp ?

A third party free app store.

You can use to download your favorite apps and games.

Easy and fast loading speed.

Simple interface very convenience to use.

100% free.


Cydia App Store

Features of Cydia

  • It consists of regularly updating modifications, tweaks and other tools which can be used to customize any component of iOS
  • The tweaks and themes provided by Cydia could be easily used to alter the appearance of iOS according to your desire
  • Essential features for iOS can be stocked by adding new functionality to your device.
  • It is a massive arena for numerous unofficial games and apps that can ever quench your thirst of technomania

Now Get It for Free

Installing Cydia needs jailbreak into your device which is now a negligible matter of security issues and it can be downloaded and installed with a single hit. It is totally free for multiple versions of iOS and we have offered all the links according to your required version which have been listed in our dedicated Cydia Download page.

Unleash Apple’s Restrictions

Although, all the restrictions made by Apple are considerable over Unauthorized Modifications, they always limit the user’s capacity of device consumption. But Cydia enables you to use your device with whatever you want and whenever you are. You can customize the themes, interfaces and functions with the extensions, modifications, tweaks and many other features offered by Cydia App Store easily. Cydia’s modifications contain certain alternations for the stock apps which can be replaced with the Apple’s official apps and customizations without any incompatibility.

Cydia Updates

We are always up to date with the latest news, jailbreak techniques and methods. Only you have to do is to Like our official Facebook page and thereby we will make you aware of these updates and the news feeds as soon as they are on the web. If you want to follow the newest jailbreak discussions keep in touch with the official Reddit community handle and make it possible to use your Apple device as you wish.

Cotomovies Download From Cydia.

CotoMovies ?

Such a great Movie streaming app.

There are few difference ways existing to download CotoMovies.

One of the best ways is using Cydia.

Most of third party apps are not to be allowed download on most of OSs .

Simple and easy way to download and install CotoMovies is Cydia.

So let’s try this and make your way clear to it.

What is CotoMovies ?

The best ever third party Movie streaming application.

You can download and online watch Movies using this app.

Even on Apple devices you can directly download videos.

Cydia is a third party free app store on your iPhone,iPad.

You can download and install this app with a compatible iOS jailbreak.

If you are an iPhone/iPad user,this opportunity for you.

Make sure that you are following a jailbreak compatible iOS device.

Then make sure that you are being with following stuffs.

iOS jailbreaking precautions

  • Take a complete backup of your device.
  • Use a compatible jailbreak tool.
  • Don’t pay for Cydia or jailbreak tool.

What is iOS Jailbreaking

iOS jailbreaking is the process of iOS software restrictions breaking.

This is a completely legal process .

If you are willing to do this on your iPhone/iPad,please follow the instructions.

So firstly make sure that you have following things.

  1. An internet connection
  2. iPhone/iPad
  3. A compatible iOS firmware

Cydia Features

  • Changeable themes
  • Software features changing ability
  • All iOS features changing ability
  • Customizing iOS

So if you want to experience those features on your device too,please join with us and do this according to our proper guidelines.Then you can use Cydia on your iPhone/iPad without any price.

Moreover you can use tons of free jailbreak tweaks too.

All we given points are very basic components of iOS jailbreaking.Therefore please use our deep description about this through all downloading guide as well as compatible jailbreaking tools on particular iOS firmware.


iOS jailbreak is a 100% free process.

This provides a tons of free apps and games including CotoMovies.