MovieBox invitation code within 15 Minutes of time – Cotomovies users

MovieBox development team is updated their application with new method to create invitation code. This is much more different with early method. However users are getting trouble to activate account. Because MovieBox development team is only release limited number of invitation codes per month for their devices. This is not good news for all MovieBox/MovieBox Pro app lovers around the world. MovieBox development team is receiving thousands of emails regarding code. But they are only sending limited number of codes for their loving users.

How to create invitation code from your account

  1. First open MovieBox Pro application from your account.
  2. Then tap hexagon icon in the right upper corner – Then tap settings – Then tap invitation code – Tap create code
  3. Now you can see invitation code is created & you can share this code within your family.
  4. However you need to enter this code within 15 minutes of time to another MovieBox application. If unable to enter invitation code, This code will be inactivate from your account.

Why MovieBox development team released this method ? They need to control this code sharing with public users. So this is not useful method to share code in the internet. Because this code is expire within few minutes after you create it.

What is the alternative method for MovieBox ?

This moment you are unable to use cotomovies application for Android & Ios platform. However Zinitevi is one of the best application can use instead of MovieBox/MovieBox Pro application. We can recommend this application if you are unable to use MovieBox application. However MovieBox application development team will release friendly method to install application for your device.